Why You Need Credit

Money, debt, credit. These can be tough subjects to talk about. Is the topic of money considered "off limits" at your dinner table? When you're worried about not having enough money, wouldn't it be great if you could just talk about it? Bringing your financial problems out into the open gets you one step closer to fixing them.

The temptation to spend and borrow money is everywhere. Most people who use credit don't always have a clear idea of how it works or how getting in too much debt can lead to serious financial problems. The more you know about credit, the more opportunity you have to safeguard your hard-earned money and achieve financial stability.

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About Credit - Credit is a privilege, not a right. It allows you to borrow tomorrow's money to pay for something you get today. When you use credit to buy something, such as a car, what you're really doing is promising to repay a debt.
Credit History & Reports - Your credit history shows how you've managed your finances and repaid your debts over time.
Benefits of Good Credit - Just as you feel better about loaning money to a friend who paid you back quickly the first time, your good credit history increases the confidence of your creditors.



    Fannie Mae
    Freddie Mac
Ginnie Mae


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