Telephone & Internet Scams

As a general rule, never provide personal data, such as account numbers or your Social Security number to someone you do not know. Scams come in all shapes and sizes.

There are many telephone scams out there – sweepstakes claims, travel scams, business opportunities, illegal charitable solicitations, work-at-home schemes and credit repair plans. Say no! Their goal is to get your money.

To protect yourself against telephone solicitation scams, get on the "Do Not Call" lists, keep records and create a paper trail, take action by exercising your legal rights if and when you've been harmed.

Use caution with personal data or credit card information on the Internet.

You'll also find many Internet scams if you surf on the web. Be careful! Always use caution with personal data or credit card information on the Internet. Many of these "dot com" scams are old tricks reincarnated on the web.



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