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The Idaho Real Estate Commission regulates most of the real estate and mortgage services in Idaho. This web page is provided as a one-stop resource for Idaho real estate and mortgage services license information, laws and regulations.

Idaho Real Estate Commission - IREC

Idaho law (Chapter 20, Title 54, Idaho Code) charges the Idaho Real Estate Commission with administering and enforcing the license law for real estate brokers, salespersons and certain business entities, and with administering the Idaho Subdivided Lands Disposition Act (Chapter 18, Title 55, Idaho Code).

To meet these mandates, the Commission seeks to protect the public interest, which includes both the interests of the regulated licensees, and the interests of prospective buyers and sellers of the services of these regulated licensees.

Consumer Links

Idaho License Search - Go to IREC's search page to lookup licensing information.

Idaho Complaint Procedure - Flow chart detailing the complaint procedures

Idaho Public Records - Idaho Real Estate Commission public records request policy.

Idaho Real Estate Recovery Fund - IREC

Idaho Real Estate Statues - The 2006 Law book is now available. This is an informational use only copy of Idaho's Chapter 20 Title 54 and IREC Rules. It is downloadable in PDF format, or you can order printed copies of the license law and rules from the Commission office for $2.00 each, by downloading the materials order form, completing it, and then mailing the completed form with your check or money order to:

PO BOX 83720,
Boise, ID 83720-0077

Idaho Telephone Solicitation - Telephone Solicitation

Idaho Auctioneers of Real Estate - Auctioneers of Real Estate

Idaho Earnest Money Disputes - Disputed Earnest Money


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