How To Set Goals

Your goals can be for the short, medium or long term:

Short-term: within 1 year
Medium-term: within 1 to 5 years
Long-term: in more than 5 years

Setting goals is easy once you understand how they work. Follow these steps to create your list.

1. Write It Down.
Start by writing down what you want to achieve. Express them as positive statements; for example, "I will achieve X," not "I won't spend money on Z anymore."

2.List Target Dates.
Give each one a target date or deadline, such as "by next February" or "6 years from now." Remember to specify which are short, medium and long term.

3. Set Priorities.
Next, set priorities by figuring out which items are most important to you and your household. Assign each one a number, with number one being the most important.

4.Do a Reality Check.
Make sure your goals are realistic and attainable. If you say you're going to save $100,000 by next spring, you're probably not going to achieve that. Instead, be honest with yourself, and be flexible. Your priorities will change over time, and so will your goals. If your list doesn't match your current situation, you can always adjust your focus and start again.

Your priorities will change over time, and so will your goals. But once you start achieving the items on your list, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment, and staying on track becomes easier.


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