Federal Trade Commission Offices

The FTC’s Regional Offices cover seven geographic areas. The regional offices work with the Bureaus of Competition and Consumer Protection to conduct investigations and litigation; provide advice to state and local officials on the competitive implications of proposed actions; recommend cases; provide local outreach services to consumers and businesspersons; and coordinate activities with local, state, and regional authorities. FTC regional offices frequently sponsor conferences for small businesses, local authorities, and consumer groups.

The General Counsel is the FTC’s chief legal officer and adviser. The Office’s major functions are representing the Commission in court and providing legal counsel to the Commission, bureaus and other offices.

The Office of Congressional Relations works closely with members of Congress and their staffs. The Office informs Commissioners and FTC staff of Capitol Hill issues and policies, and helps provide information on legislation of interest to the Commission. It also coordinates the preparation of both Congressional testimony and responses to Congressional inquiries concerning FTC policies and programs.

The Office of Public Affairs provides information to the public through the media. It issues news releases on all significant Commission actions; responds to reporters’ inquiries; and arranges television, radio and print interviews for FTC officials. The Office issues a weekly calendar of Commission events and a weekly summary of press releases.

The Secretary is the Commission’s “court clerk,” responsible for implementing the Commission’s voting procedures, creating official records of its decisions, receiving and serving Commission orders and other official documents, and coordinating the preparation of responses to congressional constituent inquiries.

The Executive Director is the FTC’s chief operating officer and manager, responsible for such matters as administrative services, financial management, procurement, human resources management, information and technology management, as well as overall FTC program and policy execution. The Executive Director directs the agency’s reauthorization and appropriations efforts, and works closely with the bureaus on strategic planning and assessing the management and resource implications of any proposed action.

The Office of Inspector General acts as the “agency cop” and as such, is responsible for the detection and prevention of waste, fraud and abuse in agency programs. The Inspector General conducts audits and investigates allegations of wrongdoing within the agency. Persons aware of any staff misconduct are encouraged to call the Office of Inspector General at 202-326-2800.


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