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Fannie Mae helps families achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

Fannie Mae is a private, shareholder-owned company that works to make sure mortgage money is available for people in communities all across America. They do not lend money directly to home buyers. Instead, they work with lenders to make sure they don't run out of mortgage funds, so more people can achieve the dream of home ownership. They are the country's second largest corporation, in terms of assets, and the nation's largest provider of funds for home mortgages. With a book of business of $2 trillion, they are one of the largest financial services corporations in the world.

Fannie Mae operates exclusively in the secondary mortgage market, where they help to ensure that money for mortgages is available to home buyers in every state across the country. And they do it in two different ways. First, they purchase mortgages from lenders and hold those mortgages in a portfolio. The lenders, in turn can use that money to make more mortgages for more home buyers. Second they issue what are known as Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) in exchange for pools of mortgages from lenders. These MBS provide the lenders with a more liquid asset to hold or sell. Fannie Mae MBS are highly liquid investments and are traded on Wall Street through securities dealers.

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