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The Colorado Division of Real Estate regulates most of the real estate and mortgage services in Colorado. This web page is provided as a one-stop resource for Colorado real estate and mortgage services license information, laws and regulations.

DORA - Division of Real Estate

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies exists to protect the public interest by regulating businesses and individuals such as banks, telephone companies, doctors, insurance companies, electricians and accountants.

DORA protects the citizens of Colorado from fraudulent, dangerous, incompetent or unsafe products, professionals and businesses. Equally important to DORA's mission is a responsibility to identify and recommend elimination of regulatory programs, statutes or rules that limit economic development and the efficient workings of a free market.

DORA has to balance two important but often conflicting needs: The public's right to consistent, high quality professional or occupational services AND the rights of businesses to exist and thrive in a highly competitive market, free from unfair, costly or unnecessary regulation.

On and after January 1, 2007, all mortgage brokers conducting business in this state must be registered with the Division of Real Estate pursuant to HB06-1161. Only those mortgage brokers who are registered or exempt from registration by law may broker a mortgage, offer to broker a mortgage, act as a mortgage broker, or offer to act as a mortgage broker.

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License Data Base Disclaimer - Every effort is made to ensure that the data provided through this web page is accurate and timely. As an additional convenience to Internet users, links to other web sites are offered. However, references in this web site to any specific company or commercial product or service do not constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies - Division of Real Estate or Allie Mae.

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Colorado - Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General provides legal services and representation to the Colorado Division of Financial Services. The Division oversees the operations and solvency of state-chartered credit unions, savings and loan associations and life care institutions. The mission of the State's credit unions and savings and loan institutions is to provide a source of credit at fair and reasonable rates of interest. The Division of Financial Services is overseen by a 5 member Board of Directors. The Office of the Attorney General provides general counsel and litigation services to the Division of Financial Services as requested by the Financial Services Commissioner. Consumer complaints against state-chartered credit unions and savings and loan institutions should be filed with the Colorado Division of Financial Services at 1560 Broadway, Suite 1520, Denver, CO 80202.

The Division of Financial Services' phone number is (303) 894-2336, its fax number is (303) 894-7886 and its web site is

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Colorado Consumer Protection Act


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